• Dennis L. Martire’s LIUNA commitment

  • Posted on February 20, 2020
  • Dennis L. Martire

    Loyalty to one business and place of work for multiple decades can be rare. It takes true dedication as well as a deep-rooted love for the work accomplished each day. It takes someone like Dennis L. Martire who has been a faithful servant to the Laborers’ International Union of North America since 1990.

    When he began in the role of international representative at that time, he had little idea that it would turn into a lifelong passion and career. But since 1990, Martire has risen in the ranks of the organization, taking on increased responsibilities and roles to become LIUNA’s vice president and regional manager of the mid-Atlantic region today -- a position that he has held since 2002. Additionally, he’s changed the lives of many during this tenure. He’s implemented new labor unions within the mid-Atlantic, he’s led employee training programs that allowed others to improve their own career performances and he’s fought for fair wages for others. Martire’s commitment to LIUNA has grown stronger and stronger each year as he brings positive work to the vital workforce organization.

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